RE/MAX Masters Testimonials

Hello Mr.

Jeter, My name is xxxxxxx and I wanted to just take a moment and let you know how much I appreciated working with one of your agents, Terry Cross. About two years ago, my wife and I decided to relocate our family (including our two daughters and later we would find out our new son) from Chicago to Nashville. We have been to Nashville countless times over the last twelve years and decided at that time to finally move to the city that we love so much. My wife found Terry online and from the first time we met, we had a feeling that he was outstanding and that we would enjoy working with him, but that premonition was definitely proven over time. Amongst the reasons it took so long to make our transition include our house in IL taking forever to sell, an unexpected and very welcome new born son and my wife going through a bout of thyroid cancer. To say that this was a difficult past couple years of our life would be an understatement but Terry was empathetic, helpful and kept in constant contact with us to see if we needed anything and to help us with whatever we needed. I am not sure that there are many real estate agents would have stuck with us and cared as much as he did. I cannot tell you how many emails, texts, and phone calls we have made to him over the past two years. Everything ended well, baby is great, Rebecca is cancer free, but I would not like to go on that roller coaster ride again. He helped us explore Middle Tennessee to see all of the areas to live, had intimate knowledge and expertise on schools, traffic, and amenities in the various areas to help us picture where would be best for our family. We were extremely picky and non-committal as we kept going back and forth on which area would be good for us, new vs. already built, price, schools, etc and he never pushed us in anyway and we have always felt extremely comfortable working with him. We depended so much on his guidance and knowledge. Also, he would get back to us on messages and inquiries so quickly it was amazing. We finally decided to build a Dalamar home in the Berry Hill subdivision in Hendersonville. At that point Terry was invaluable leading us through the sometimes very frustrating process of building a new home. Terry did a masterful job of communicating between us, Dalamar and Castle Cooke mortgage. There were setbacks with closing, timing and some construction issues along the way but Terry kept things smooth and even keel for us. There were times we were so frustrated we were ready to end the deal a few times, but Terry saved the deal and made sure we were taken care of appropriately. My wife is ecstatic as she finally has her dream home and I am happy that we live in a great area and are now part of the Nashville area community (and happy that she is happy of course). Not to go on too much of a tangent, but I believe in modern times it is sometimes hard to find people to work with in these types of situations that have the loyalty, knowledge and empathy that it took in a situation like ours. I hope you realize how much of an asset that Terry is to your business, without him I’m not sure where and how we would have ended up in this thing. Very soon my parents, sister and her husband and possibly some friends are considering relocating to the Nashville area and we will make sure they work with Terry as in my mind he has earned everyone’s business. Please make sure that Terry is recognized for his fantastic work because he deserves the proper acknowledgement for how much he has helped us. Have a great day and thank you for your time.

Doug Dohrn

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